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Introduction to us!!

Well here's where we are at: After 30 countries (28 by bike) 50,000 km and 11 months we have arrived in Oz but not as planned!! It has been a very exciting journey, we have met lots of amazing people, travelled through countries I never imagined I would ever see let alone fall in love with! Bike travel is on a lot of peoples' "to do" lists and it's so easy - it's amazing more people don't just get out there and do it!  

So have a read of our journey over the next few pages. As you will see, our views change so much as we get further from home and we pass through places that seem like they're on another planet!

Note we had no sponsors, no financial help and no freebies for favours: we did this off our own backs after working hard for a number of years. Anyone we have thanked, we do so after we paid for their services.

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 SO here is where it started.......

I'm 28, Cat is 26 and we were living in Central London - Cricklewood - and myself and Cat have been together for 6 years and married for 2. I was born in Newmarket UK and Cat is originally from Perth Australia but has been in the UK for 7 years.


 We had been running our own businesses from around 2007 until early 2011. We both loved working hard and enjoyed living in London but we also loved out trips abroad and every year did 2 or 3 trips to Europe as well as long trips around the UK. Often on a Sunday we would cover 250 - 350 miles on the famous Jetstream rides from the Ace Cafe.  

We were very happy but we had this real urge to do a big bike trip. We always talked about it and would often spend time talking about where we would go and what we would see.

Then in early 2011 we decided to go for it, we had a lot to do and after 3-4 crazy months we were ready to get going. We packed up a few boxes of stuff we had to keep and sold everything else we owned in order to help raise funds. 


It was sad to say goodbye to friends, family and even some of our business clients. I was lucky to appoint a great MD to Wicked Student Nights who was not only great at his job but someone who I have worked with for over 10 years. Once all our business and personal affairs were mostly tied up (we were still paying final bills on the road) we left for our 2 week demo trip around the UK before getting a final service and heading down to France and off on the ferry on 26th June 2011.

The initial plan is to ride from London to Australia but not just a straight line down. First we head to Morocco and the then all the way back into Europe over to Turkey and into Iran. Then we went to Dubai, Oman, Nepal, India and then south east Asia. 

We didn't make it to Oz...... well we did just not with the bike after causing some damage in India that raised hell for us in Thailand eventually meaning we ran out of time. But out journey took us though 30 countries (28 by bike) and cover 50,000 km. We had an incredible time and will def be back to do more trips in the future!!

If you have any questions or are doing a trip yourself please feel free to get in contact. Ride safe out there.

James and Cat xx



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