This is the route we plan to take - then the route we end up taking PLUS a link to see where we are right now and where we have been in the last 7 days!!
This is where we are currently at -

The link above can keep you updated on where abouts in the world we are and where we are headed. It only keeps the routes for 7 days so make sure you check back at least once a week!

SO this was the original planned route -

Isle Of Man (Complete)
Wales (Skipped)
London (complete)
France (complete)
Spain (complete)
Portugal (skipped)
Morocco (complete)
Italy (complete)
Austria (complete)
Switzerland (complete)
Liechtenstein (complete)
Germany (complete)
Poland (complete)
Ukraine (complete)
Romania (complete)
Hungry (complete)
Slovakia (complete)
Czech - (complete)
Slovakia (complete)
Hungary (complete)
Romania (complete)
Bulgaria (complete)
Turkey (complete)
Georgia (complete)
Turkey (complete)
Iran (complete)
Dubai (complete)
Oman (complete)
Nepal (complete)
India (complete)
Nepal (complete)
Thailand (complete)
Burma (complete) Day trip only
Laos (complete)
Cambodia (complete)
Thailand - (complete)
Malaysia Blew upper and lower Gaskets Ended up Back in BKK

Flew from Bangkok to Perth VIA Malaysia.

Australia - Flew into Perth WA on May 16th 2012

Travel by bike through 28 countries by motorcycle and 2 by plane.
50,000 km traveled 11 months and 4 days on the road with another month to tie up loose end in Oz and get back to the UK for June 2012.